Identity Theft Protection – About BeIdentitySafe.com

Be Identity Safe .com was established by Henry Bagdasarian who is a leading expert in identity theft protection to guide both consumers and businesses toward specific solutions for preventing and solving identity theft fraud and privacy disclosures. Henry has identified the excessive collection, sharing, and retention of identity components (also known as identity obesity) to be the root cause of identity theft and also created the Identity Diet program to address identity obesity. He is the founder and President of Identity Management Institute and has written many informative identity protection articles which are provided at no cost to all consumers and businesses concerned with consumer privacy and identity fraud. Please visit Henry’s identity theft blog and sign up for the freeĀ Identity Management Journal to receive periodic emails regarding new identity theft articles, threats and solutions.

We believe there is a gap in the mutual consumer and business understanding with respect to consumer rights, business obligations and their responsibilities for protecting identities and we hope to bridge this gap through our risk management, awareness and training services.


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